Farm tour with the team

Before we end our 3 weeks of training, we went on a farm tour (which is included in our course’s module). Probably the most interesting rambling I ever had! We visited different roasting faculties.

  • Gourmet Farms, Inc. Our first stop! The biggest supplier of roasted coffee beans. Where you can see the biggest roasted machine in the Philippines as well. They has a civet and a ram as their pet. Lol. Tho I don’t have any photo of the ram they had. Sad. That’s my first time I saw a real ram!!

Civet. I know, I know. Its red eyes were creepy!

Have you ever heard about Cat Poop Coffee? Kopi Luwak, Alamid Coffee or someting similar? That’s the cat who eats coffee cherries and their poop will process as coffee! The most expensive coffee.

Gourmet’s roasted coffee beans. Ready to roast!

They don’t just have a roasted facility or farm but they also have a Deli, Restaurant and Cafe!

As you enter, you can choose and buy for a souvenir. Too bad I wasn’t able to buy one. Then you’ll see the coffee counter and deli products too as you walk from the distance. Ah, too bad I didn’t took enough photos! Ugh

Gourmet Farm’s famous Lettuce chips. And various sauces.

Coffee beans as displays

Nothing beats a great ambiance of local coffee shops! The music that they play, the furniture, outdoor plants and such. We also had a chance to talk to the Vice President of Gourmet, Mr. Len. Such an inspiring person!

  • Cafe Amadeo. Wasn’t be able to look around their faculties but at least, we had a small talk with their Manager and had a cup of coffee too!


This is where you can find the micro roaster too! The freezer-sized roasted machine. We also had a small talk with a married couple who owns the business. The owner/manager and the mind behind the smallest roasted machine. That is so sweet!

Hay. This is really interesting and fun! Who would not love finding yourself in a place you’ve never been to, meeting different people in just a day and also loving the things you weren’t even like before.