10 Things No One Tells You About Sex

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1. It is possible to occasionally sleep with your friend without it turning into some big ol’ thing. Why is there such intense debate about this? Why did Hollywood have to poop out two identical movies that explore this STRANGE and TWISTED phenomenon known as, “friends with benefits”? “OMG,” a fearful woman screams. “Is it true? Can you REALLY sleep with someone and not want to have 10,000 of their babies afterwards?” Yes. Friend sex is tricky but it can work on a case by case basis. I would just advise that the person you’re boning not be your best friend and that you only have sex sporadically. There. Bingo. Now you can sleep with most of your friends!

2. Sex isn’t always hot. Sometimes it’s sad and sometimes it’s angry and sometimes it’s embarrassing. Sex comes in a variety of flavors and “hot porn sex” is just one of…

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5 Reasons Everyone Should Work In A Service Job In Their 20s

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1. You learn that most people suck.

A good majority of people in this world are self-entitled, selfish, mean asshats who think the world revolves around them. The sun shines out of their ass; they can do no wrong; and your sole purpose on Earth is to help them and help them now. This can be in retail, restaurant work, whatever. These people will knock you down, yell at you, treat you like dirt, and generally throw a hissy fit that would make a two-year-old jealous when they don’t get what they want. And what can you do about it? Nothing. It’s your job to help them. I mean, you could yell back, but then you’d probably get fired. Welcome to how unfair the world can be (disclaimer: if you’re shitty at your job and not trying, you may deserve some of these things, but all of these lessons are…

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This Cute Guy Singing With Total Strangers Stuck In Traffic Will Make Your Heart Melt

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I can’t tell what part of this video is my favorite — it’s somewhere between how adorable the guy is, how happy everyone is about hearing the song, or how into the dance moves some of the drivers get. Even though, knowing myself, I would probably just scowl at him as I rolled up my window (I don’t do well in traffic), I am happy there are some drivers out there who are in a good enough mood to make for an amazing impromptu sing-a-long. Yay! [tc-mark]

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10 Signs He’s Not Good Enough For You

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1. He’s Flaky

If you’re both in a pre-planned location, at any stage in the relationship, you should acknowledge each other’s presence. This means, no Irish goodbyes accepted. Seriously. It takes two seconds to say ‘bye’ to someone, regardless of your reasoning. But don’t bounce with no warning.

2. He Lies

This can extend beyond just male suitors, because anyone who lies to you isn’t worth your time anyway. But, if you catch them in a bold-faced lie, you should recognize that you deserve better and should not have to be treated like you’re second priority. Or third, fourth, fifth, etc.

3. He’s Passive

You know the type here. He takes hours to respond to a text, when you know he’s always on his phone. Or he never initiates the conversation, when you can’t stop thinking about him. In a relationship, it should be a compromise – so meet in…

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50 Signs You’re A Coffee Addict

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  1. You pregame coffee with coffee or other forms of caffeine.
  2. You were once seen shotgunning a Diet Coke outside of a café to prepare for drinking more coffee inside.
  3. You make it a rule to have coffee before any important coffee meeting, because you want to already be alert and perky in advance.
  4. You leave some of the coffee you drank before bed on your nightstand, just so you have coffee ready at the moment you wake up.
  5. You prefer to date other coffee drinkers because their mouth tastes like coffee.
  6. You have strongly considered hooking yourself up to an IV filled with coffee and carrying it around with you at all times.
  7. Your formula for making your own coffee is two bags of coffee per cup of water.
  8. You make your coffee so strong no one else will drink it and other people will actually beg you not to…

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Latte Art: Strong Convection Stocked Tulip by Dave Dource

Barista 102- Philippine Barista & Coffee Academy, Inc. (PBCA)

After I finished my Basic Barista course, I decided to enhance my skills about coffee since I don’t have any university to attend to… and I really am thirsty for knowing more about the world of coffee. So here it goes… I was searching for an advanced barista course and Google brought me to PBCA’s website! I love their website! Aside from the web-hosting, HD photos, and the warm colors they used, compliments with their logo as well. It is really useful! I don’t need to e-mail them to ask more questions since they already indicated the prices of the courses they offer and also the classes’ schedule. “I love everything ’bout this!” I say.

✓ Accessible. The school is not that far from where I live. Just an MRT away!
✓ Good-looking Instructors! Hahahaha yes, I am not kidding! The list of instructors were posted in their site too. But they’re waaay more gorgeous in person!

During the 4 days of Training, I must say I finally saw the “Artist” side of being a Barista.

Rosetta Latte Art

(via instagram) One of the best Rosetta I made so far

You need to focus, relax and feel the art. Practice. I don’t see someone who did a perfect latte art in an overnight. Even my instructors spent half a year… or even the best latte artists! We can do it.

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Barista 101 – Magsaysay Center for Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts (MIHCA)

Although I’m on a college already, I feel lost more than ever. I don’t know what I really want (to be) in life!

Until I decided to take a long break… I got bored, I missed school and also my friends! But unfortunately, I don’t want to go back in my university where  I used to study anymore. Some personal matters I think… So after a few months, I enrolled in one of the institute leading in Culinary Arts. But not in Culinary field. Hehe.  One of the short course they offer, Barista 101. They also have a Flairtending 101 and Bartending course.

I left my heart in the hotel-vibe of this school! From the beautiful ambiance of our training ground (the bar), from the front desk, actual cruise cabins, down to our rooms… all of these things, made me want to stay a little longer!

Not to mention that almost all of the people there were so nice! Very kind and hospitable. From the senior faculties who always greets and entertains you nicely down to our friendly guards. They’re always smiling! It’s like when you entered the institute already, all of your stress and problems was left outside!

Okay so here’s the real thing.
MIHCA is where I met Mr. Ernie Mesina. A role model of inspiration. He doesn’t failed to introduce the world of coffee to us… passionately and inspiring! We don’t just study, study and practice. We also had some great times with each other… we even share foods with some of the senior faculties! It feels like we’re really a big big Family.

After the training and days we shared together, I would love to say that I finally found my happiness! I already found what I really want! He never knew how much he turned me into an goal-oriented brat. I owe him big time. Sir, I am not going to waste all of the knowledge and skills you shared to me. I promise, I am going to be one of the greatest Barista someday… I’ll make you proud.


Price: ☆☆☆☆
Training shirt, materials and the ingredients you’ll use for the 90 hrs of training were already included for your tuition fee

Instructor/s: ☆☆☆☆☆

Over-all Experience: ☆☆☆☆☆

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