Mitzi Lacerna. Spell it right. (But I prefer calling me, Mitchie or Mitch)

Blogger since 2009. Also a Young Entrepreneur who slowly hugging the world of Coffee still. She’s been in the coffee industry for less than half a year. Do the math!

I started using Tumblr for (personal) blogging purposes when I was in 13 years of age. That’s way back mid-2009. I used to love playing with Adobe Photoshop and basic HTMLs. That made me an aspiring graphic designer and a lay-out maker. I also considered myself as one of the young entrepreneurs as I launched my mini online shop, Mixep PH last year. I was 16 that time.

Currently residing in the stressful city of Manila but soon to fly off to San Francisco, California.

I studied Cruiseline Operations in Hotel Services at LPU, Intramuros for a year. I took a Barista short course in MIHCA, where my interest in coffee has started. I was trained by one of the Filipino Master Baristas who inspired me to be one of the greatest! After I completed the course, in order to enhance my skill in coffee making, I decided to study an advanced barista course in Philippine Barista & Coffee Academy, Inc., where my passion in coffee was grown.

Unlike any other Baristas you’ve met, their passion and interest they had in coffee and coffee making was started when they were young. But in my case, it just came that I begin to love coffee when I study Barista Courses already. I must say that I am a lost girl who finally found her happiness. Cliche, but true. Looking forward to join some Barista competitions soon!

Coffee Enthusiast
Barista, 2013
Supporting Local Coffee shops ✔

She loves anonymous questions. Entertain her! 

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