10 Signs He’s Not Good Enough For You

Thought Catalog

1. He’s Flaky

If you’re both in a pre-planned location, at any stage in the relationship, you should acknowledge each other’s presence. This means, no Irish goodbyes accepted. Seriously. It takes two seconds to say ‘bye’ to someone, regardless of your reasoning. But don’t bounce with no warning.

2. He Lies

This can extend beyond just male suitors, because anyone who lies to you isn’t worth your time anyway. But, if you catch them in a bold-faced lie, you should recognize that you deserve better and should not have to be treated like you’re second priority. Or third, fourth, fifth, etc.

3. He’s Passive

You know the type here. He takes hours to respond to a text, when you know he’s always on his phone. Or he never initiates the conversation, when you can’t stop thinking about him. In a relationship, it should be a compromise – so meet in…

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