Barista 102- Philippine Barista & Coffee Academy, Inc. (PBCA)

After I finished my Basic Barista course, I decided to enhance my skills about coffee since I don’t have any university to attend to… and I really am thirsty for knowing more about the world of coffee. So here it goes… I was searching for an advanced barista course and Google brought me to PBCA’s website! I love their website! Aside from the web-hosting, HD photos, and the warm colors they used, compliments with their logo as well. It is really useful! I don’t need to e-mail them to ask more questions since they already indicated the prices of the courses they offer and also the classes’ schedule. “I love everything ’bout this!” I say.

✓ Accessible. The school is not that far from where I live. Just an MRT away!
✓ Good-looking Instructors! Hahahaha yes, I am not kidding! The list of instructors were posted in their site too. But they’re waaay more gorgeous in person!

During the 4 days of Training, I must say I finally saw the “Artist” side of being a Barista.

Rosetta Latte Art

(via instagram) One of the best Rosetta I made so far

You need to focus, relax and feel the art. Practice. I don’t see someone who did a perfect latte art in an overnight. Even my instructors spent half a year… or even the best latte artists! We can do it.

Last day…

Yay!!! I already got my certificate!

Barista 102 Batch 08. Coffee cheers!

(yep, I am the youngest. Haha)
Good luck to our career, guys! Keep in touch

(via instagram) From Sir Alex. 'twas my last cup of coffee that day...

(via instagram) From Sir Alex. ’twas my last cup of coffee that day…

Price: ☆☆☆
It’s a bit pricey but believe me, it’s all worth it! You’re going to learn A LOT, gain some friends and motivators.

Instructors: ☆☆☆☆☆

Over-all experience: ☆☆☆☆

If you’re planning to manage your own coffee shop, I recommend you to enroll in their Coffee Business Management! They also have some special programs such as Junior Barista Workshop and etc.


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